Let our characters leap into whole new dimensions…

  • Jane Book Cover

    Jane’s Endangered Animal Guide

    Inspired by the Apple+ TV series, Jane, readers join Jane as she dives deep on 10 different endangered species, with facts about how they live, what they eat, and what makes them amazing, while also taking a real look at the challenges they are facing, what is being done to help them, and how we all can work together to save them.

  • Fabulous Show

    The Fabulous Show with Fay & Fluffy Presents: The Fabulous Book About Families

    Families can come in all shapes and sizes, and each one shares a love that they grow together. Fay and Fluffy take us on their first adventure to learn all about different and inclusive family dynamics.

  • Dino Dana Field Guide

    Dino Dana Dino Field Guide

    A Dino Dana Field Guide of Dinosaurs for Kids (Ages 8-12).

    #1 Bestseller in Children's Fossil Books

    Fun facts about dinosaurs for kids. Did you know that the brachiosaurus was the tallest dinosaur that we know of today? That the kosmoceratops had fifteen horns and hooks on its head? That the spinosaurus is the only known dinosaur to spend most of its time swimming? Discover this and much more in Dino Dana: Dino Field Guide.

  • Dino Dana Field Guide Volume 2

    Dino Dana Dino Field Guide - Volume 2

    #1 New Release in Children's Dinosaur Books and Fossil Books

    Following up on the #1 Bestseller comes Dino Dana: Dino Field Guide, Volume 2 - Pterosaurs and Other Prehistoric Creatures. Part paleontology field guide, part encyclopedia for kids, this colorful second volume explores some of the amazing creatures that once flew through the sky, swam in the oceans, and stomped on prehistoric earth.

  • Dino Dana Activity Guide

    Dino Dana Dino Activity Guide

    #1 New Release in Fossils, Dinosaurs, and Zoology

    The third in the Dino Field Guide series, Dana is passing on her field guide to a new paleontologist in training, you! The Dino Dana Activity Guide is filled with new dino experiments, Dana’s craft ideas, and other exciting activities to help young dino fans uncover more about their favourite prehistoric creatures.

  • Odd Squad Hand Book

    Odd Squad Agent’s Handbook

    From the universe of the Emmy® award-winning hit television show Odd Squad, the Odd Squad Agent’s Handbook is the book every new recruit receives. It’s filled with tips and tricks on how to be the best agent possible, plus secrets of the squad and highlights from its greatest adventures.

  • Oddsquad Activity Book

    Odd Squad Activity Workbook

    The perfect learning resource for teachers and parents alike. The workbook features high-quality content delivered with a variety of engaging activities, colourful illustrations, and reward stickers designed to make learning fun alongside your child’s favourite Odd Squad agents!