Alma's Way

  • 4-6 YEAR OLDS
  • 65 x 22 ' (Also available as 11')

Have you ever wished that you could pause your life long enough to figure out the answers to all your problems? Six-year-old Alma Rivera does that every day. Alma is a proud Bronx-born, Puerto Rican girl living her fast-paced city life.The viewer is Alma’s best friend and confidant. She tells them her secrets, shares her feelings and challenges, and adds colorful commentary to her life’s moments—big and small.

Alma doesn’t know what she doesn’t know, and her confidence can sometimes get her into trouble. But that’s okay, because Alma is just beginning to put concepts together and think on her own.

When Alma’s not sure what to do next, she stops to do one of her signature “Think Throughs.” In this moment, the world stops around her, time freezes, and Alma pauses to look back to what’s happened or imagine what might happen next. Afterwards, Alma declares, “I know what to do!” She corrects course and then she’s off! So, try and keep up!